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Revive & Thrive Telluride’s premiere IV and Oxygen Lounge.

Whether you’re recovering (or preparing) for a party weekend in the mountains, an elite athlete working to reach peak performance, or just trying to climatize, our IV bags will help get you there.

Sit it in our comfortable space and allow our RN certified nurses to hook you up with a selection of IV bags. Rather be in your own space? We’ll come to you. For more information contact us or stop by our space.


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Hungover? No problem. Attend all the Apres you can handle- then come see us the next morning for a revive bag. This Vitamin C bag will get you feeling more hydrated than you’ve ever been.  Take in the amazing night life Telluride has to offer without the headache or wooziness.


Whether you’re an elite athelete or just trying to get acclimated as quickly as possible, this Alive Bag will have you reaching whatever peak you’re striving for. With extra vitamins and minerals, beat the altitude and feel your best with the Alive IV Bag.


Our premium concoction will have you running from the mountains to the bars and back again. Get the complete Telluride experience with no wasted time. This top-shelf bag will have you performing at your best- no matter where the day  (or night)  takes you.

Ask about Gay Ski Week Specials!

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Visit us at our space in downtown Telluride, Colorado or contact us for more information.

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